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Stage Hypnosis and Comedy Magic

Steve Adams has been performing in and around the UK since 1995,
and has been entertaining audiences of all ages with his comedy magic and stage hypnosis. Also a succcessful clinical hypnotherapist and trainer of NLP, Steve has a wealth of experience to ensure a successful event. FOr more information about NLP training click here.

The Stage Hypnosis show is suitable for all types of audiences, and contains no risque material.
The show conforms to the 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act,
Each performance is risk assessed and assistants are on stage to ensure the health and safety of all volunteers.who will take a fantastic journey into the craziest world of imagination that any of us have ever experienced. With a great combination of humour, music and routines, those on stage will be the Stars of the Show, whilst the audience will be left laughing out loud along with them.

Steve will perform for any groups, large or small, and has a range of fees to suit every venue and occasion.
Just Click here to send Steve an email with your enquiry.

(Volunteers, who may leave the stage at any time, agree to be filmed, must be over 18 & participate entirely at their own risk in this demonstration of hypnotic style phenomenon.)

Speed Induction Workshops

Specifically aimed at those of you who want to spend more time doing actual therapy with your clients, this workshop will give you the knowledge and skills on how to:

* Use rapid inductions, including pattern interrupts, handshake, hand press, non verbal etc.
* Create excellent rapport with subjects
* Use NLP modelling skills to gain an insight into how
you can use the rapid induction methods
* Gain confidence by working with
real clients/subjects who have no prior knowledge of hypnosis techniques.
* and much more.......

You may have seen this on the internet, believe me when I say, it's quick, and it looks impressive.
You will
increase your reputation as a successful NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, even stage hypnotist by learning these techniques, and becoming confident in what you're doing.

If you're looking for the WOW factor, then this is it.

Watch this space for 2012 dates coming soon.........

Imagine how your confidence will increase dramatically as you
become confident with the techniques.

The workshop costs just 250, including refreshments and buffet lunch on both days, the price is low to allow you to experience these techniques at a price you can afford.

Click here to send me an email for further details

Here's a few comments from people who have attended my workshops:
"When I did this for the first time I felt incredibly powerful"
"This was the opportunity to actually practice in a really safe envirnment"
""I didn't think I could do it till this course. Steve is brilliant at what he does"
"Highly recommend it - miss it and you'll miss out !"

Steve Adams
01432 376890
07590 806 380


No persons under the age of 18 can be used in any performance involving hypnosis at any venue
where the public has access, whether on payment or otherwise.
No persons can take part in any hypnosis show if they are suffering from any medical or mental health issues.
No persons who are pregnant will be allowed to participate.
No persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to participate.

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